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    Press Release in Vietnam

    Approach the Vietnamese Market easier and more efficient

  • We send out your articles over 1000 Media in Vietnam by one click.

    VIETNAM PRESS is our service that you can distribute your news to every media, press, news site, TV, institutional newspaper, magazine, regardless of the area all at once.

    What's Press Release??

    It's the action to issue your press as advertisement to the press.

    It can be said that the advertisement effect is really high if they take your press on their media.

    For example, the advertisement effect of posting on their media is same to that you pay to get advertisement area on their media if their size are same.

    You can get more attention and you can cut the advertisement cost by issuing your press properly and it's posted on their media because the reliability of being press is higher than the other advertisement service.

  • Recommend these people !!

    1, Working or Managing company in Vietnam. 2, Trying to set your business in Vietanam

    ①Need to approach Vietnam Market properly!!

    It is really hard for foreign company to do local marketing because of the difference of our languages.

    You can approach to Vietnam Market directly with Vietnam Press [Through being picked your press on their media]

    ②Like to spread your company & your products urban to local in Vietnam.

    Knowing and Using all of the marketing over all Vietnam is too tough to achieve.

    We can let every media know your news as press release by utilizing powerful media and our connections.

    ③Need to advertise efficiently without any pain.

    There are lots of trouble when your staff try to do various marketing, and it won't bear frult as expected.

    Add it more, the result of advertisement will be change by the skills of the person in the charge. Why don't you do efficiency marketing by being post as professional articles on the media.

    ④Like to increase the opportunity or your presence about Sales, Alliance by branding your company.

    You will be judged from your circumstance when you look for agency or alliance. However, you take advantage of negotiation if your news are post on famous media.

  • Benefits

    The most difficulty will be disappear by using ''Vietnam Press''.

    ①Send out your infomation from the north to the south, from urban to local in Vietnam all at once

    1000 Media we connect !!

    You can notice your service or your product to 1000 Media all of Vietnam at once by Issuing press release.

    The areas and media you can reach are not limited for only web, press and magazine so your news can be picked up by various media.

    In Vietnam, local area are also developing so that's exactly why it can be truly strength to send out your news. 

    ②No need to translate and proofreed

    The troublesome things can be all completed by 1 click.

    We advertise so effectively that our special member make an article, translate and proofread interestingly and impressively in Vietnam for a writer in Media. We achieve effectively advertisement without any hustle contact to us. Therefore, it contributes to decrease the time your staffs have to deal with these.

    ③Excellent cost effectiveness · Reliable than advertisement

    Do marketing activities with high conversion value

    It cost lots of money to manage your contents, to contact to media, to total up to do marketing cost huge money, and it is not clear your result.

    The effectiveness cost can be billions, in comparisons with the common advertisement. Let's do effectively marketing.

    ④Increase cognition of company brand, motivate in-company

    Exposure to famous media is also effective for branding

    Employee motivation will be enhanced by wide recognition of companies and brands. You can get more cognition by being posted on the media. Improving motivation will greatly contribute to improving productivity and improving employee retention.

    ⑤Get the more the downloads number of applications, service and develop new area

    Both of doing buzz on SNS, acquiring inquiries without contacts

    For example, you can dramatically increase the download of applications and services by publishing their presses on IT Media and gadget related media. Since VIETNAM PRESS also covers Facebook, you can target buzz[Being a famous] in among the Vietnamese because half of the people are Facebook users.

    Also, by gathering attention from the media, you can increase sales opportunities such as news gathering, acquire inquiries from unexpected places and bringing the results of publication as reference materials, you can get contract more than ever.

  • Our Service(Basically:$490)

    We offer 4 service as 1 set following that below.

    Translation, Proofread

    After we translate the articles, we check a manual script for misspellings and omitted letter and modify the contents or layout. After that, we issue your press release.

    Select your media

    We select media that matches press content from more than 1000 media in Vietnam.

    Sending out to media

    We distribute your company's press by e-mail, fax etc. in accordance with the desired method of receiving the media.

    Release Reprint · Original posting to affiliated media​

    We reprint your press to affiliated media such as newspaper companies and famous sites and publish the original.

  • Optional service / the


    Issuing easier and more effective press release with options!

    WEB media posting survey

    Clip anything that was posted on WEB media and distribute it to your company.

    Creating a manuscript help​

    We meet with you directly, or our dedicated staff will directly write on the draft of the press article instead of the customer.

    Survey about the post result on newspaper magazines

    We deliver the actual articles that became articles in newspapers and magazines.

    On-site service to create articles

    We go to your company and take an interview to create an article.


  • List of Publications

    Upon our service release, the articles increase.

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